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Calusa Pines Golf Club

It takes a very special golf course to attract much attention in south Florida mainly because there are so many built with high budgets, big egos, and on relatively featureless sites. Calusa Pines distinguishes itself from its brethren because it goes to excess, some would say; but in such a subtle way that it becomes memorable. Named among the prestigious "Top Ten Best New Private Clubs" in the United States according to Golf Digest, Calusa Pines features outstanding vistas generated by sweeping ridges that influences ten golf holes. The landforms are so soft, and flowing that they blend in well enough to appear natural and unique. Combined with extensive native plant vegetation it is difficult to imagine the golf course was built, instead of simply laid out on this superb piece of land. Calusa Pines was founded to provide an exceptional golf experience for its members in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes camaraderie among those who truly love the game. The club doesn't release membership information, has no tee times, and features a strong caddie program as members and guests are encouraged to walk the course.